In person classes are currently held at Ahhhsome Relaxation in Ammon, Idaho. Classes are on Thursdays at 7pm, call ahead to reserve your spot as space is limited. 

The class curriculum is found below:

Traditional Bow

The right hand is made into a fist, the left hand is held open vertically. Place the right fist into the center of the left open palm at chest height. Then bow for two seconds.

Two commands are used in conjunction with bowing at the beginning and end of class:

  • Prepare - Yubei
  • Salute – Gen Lai

Qi Gong Warm Up

Washing Machine
Sinking the Qi

Clock Drill

Imagine you are standing in the middle of a large clock. Bend both knees slightly, and reach out to each hour, starting at 12:00, with your right heel. When you get to 6:00, swap to your left heel and continue around to 12:00.

Tai Chi Walking

The purpose of Tai Chi Walking is to strengthen the legs and improve your balance.

Begin with feet together, knees slightly bent. Step forward with an empty foot using a "C" shape. Once your foot is in place shift your weight forward and exhale. Inhale as you draw the rear foot forward. Repeat with the opposite foot. Hands should be in the "Holding the ball" position.

Once you get the foot work down, slow down using a breathing count of 2-4 seconds per movement. A 2 count would be 2 seconds to step forward and shift your weight while breathing out, and 2 seconds  to bring the back foot forward while breathing in.

Yang 8 Form

The Yang 8 Form is an introductory form designed for beginning students.

  1. Commence Form
  2. Repulse Monkey
  3. Brush knee and twist step
  4. Part the horse's mane
  5. Dancing with clouds
  6. Golden rooster stands on one leg
  7. Heel kicks
  8. Grasp sparrow's tail
  9. Cross Hands
  10. Close Form

Standing Meditation

Watch through the video to learn the different poses of Stand Like a Tree. Start by holding each pose for 15 seconds, then lengthen the time as you grow more confident. Each time you change to a new pose, check your posture. Make sure your tail bone is tucked under and your head is lifted slightly up and back, with shoulders relaxed.

Energy Work

To have the most success with energy work, I recommend doing Tai Chi walking with four count breathing, Qi Gong, and/or Stand Like a Tree drills before starting. This gets your energy in the right mode for healing energy work.